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The Chrome Web Store

A web browser is the application you use to view websites.

The Chrome Web Store is an online marketplace where you can discover thousands of apps, extensions and themes for Google Chrome. To start exploring the store, visit or click the store icon in Chrome’s New Tab page.

Once you’re in the store, find interesting apps, extensions or themes by using the search box or by browsing through different categories. Every item in the store has its own page, where you can read and contribute reviews and ratings. If you use multiple computers, synchronize your apps, extensions, and theme across all your computers with browser sync.

Web apps are advanced interactive websites. They may provide a wide-ranging set of features or focus on a single task like photo-editing or shopping. You can easily access the web apps you install from the Chrome Web Store through shortcuts in Chrome’s New Tab page.

Extensions let you add new features to your browser. For e…

Greater Interoperability for Windows Customers With HTML5 Video

Google recentlyannouncedthat its Chrome web browser will stop supporting the H.264 video format. At Microsoft we respect that Windows customers want the best experience of the web including the ability to enjoy the widest range of content available on the Internet in H.264 format. Today, as part of the interoperability bridges work we do on this team, we aremaking availablethe Windows Media Player HTML5 Extension for Chrome, which is an extension for Google Chrome to enable Windows 7 customers who use Chrome to continue to play H.264 video. We believe that Windows customers should be able to play mainstream HTML5 video and, as we’ve described in previous posts,Internet Explorer 9will support playback of H.264 video as well as VP8 video when the user has installed a VP8 codec. We are committed to ensuring that Windows customers have the best Web experience, and we have been offering for several years now the extremely popularWindows Media Player plug-in for Firefox, which is downloaded by…

Different Aspects of Social Media.

Social networking has revolutionized the way people interact virtually and has emerged as a huge platform for people to connect and communicate over the web. Social networking has not only remained tot the boundary limits of college students and company employees. It has spread far and wide incorporating different types of users. Not only students and educators are enjoying the benefits of social media, also are the institutions, communities and big brands for the purpose of marketing their brands to mass population. Using social networking sites to connect to future classmates and alumni has become a trend amongst students.

Facebook is by far the most popular social media platform amongst brands. Even before brands thought of making use of social networking for marketing activities, numerous brands had unofficial presences on Facebook in form of groups and fan pages created by users.

Twitter which is slowly but gradually gaining popularity and is more viral that facebook is seen as a…

Five Tips To Tighten Your Facebook Privacy Settings

Restrict your profile from appearing on search engines like Google:
Go to Account | Privacy Settings.
Click on Edit your settings under Applications and Websites.
Click on Edit settings for Public Search.
Uncheck the Enable public search option to refrain from appearing on search engines. If you allow public search, keep in mind that information you've opted to share with Everyone will appear in the public search as well.

Manage those you want to share your likes and interests with: Go to Account | Privacy Settings. Click on View settings under Basic directory settings. Choose the appropriate option for See my interests and other Pages. If you set this option to Everyone and have made yourself publicaly searchable, your likes and interests will appear on search engine results as well.
Secure yourself from being tagged in embarrassing videos and photographs: Go to Accounts | Privacy Settings. Click on Customise settings under Sharing on Facebook. Choose Customise under Things others share …

Desktop notifications for emails and chat messages

Many of us are guilty of constantly switching back to Gmail to check for new messages. And if you’re like me, you’ve probably missed an important chat message because you weren’t looking at your Gmail window when it came in. If you use Google Chrome, these days can be over since we just launched HTML5 desktop notifications which display pop-ups whenever a chat message or new email arrives.

To turn them on, click on the Settings link in the top right corner of Gmail and scroll down to the “Desktop Notifications” section. If you just want to get notified about chat messages, or if you use Priority Inbox and only want to get notifications for important messages, you can customize your settings from there too.

This functionality is currently only available for people using Google Chrome

Desktop notifications for emails and chat messages

The "I" and "G" of Oracle

The "i" stands for "internet" and the "g" stands for "grid".

The i version started from 8i onwards. It stands for oracle internet. Because till then (in version 8)it did not support data transfer over the internet. At that point of time use of internet was not widely used. Next was 9i with some of the enhanced features of 8i. Next was 10g, it stands for Oracle GRID,because it supports grid architecture. 

10g is Oracle's grid computing product group including (among other things) a database management system (DBMS) and an application server. In addition to supporting grid computing features such as resource sharing and automatic load balancing, 10g products automate many database management tasks.

10g follows Oracle's 9i platform. Oracle says that the g (instead of the expectedi) in the name symbolizes the company's commitment to the grid model.

Next in database is 11g which is basically a ERP.